201901046952 (1356282-H)

201901046952 (1356282-H)

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Search availability of proposal name, pay for name reservation, fill in “Super Form”, submit documents and wait for SSM approval.

At least one director, one shareholder (maximum 50 persons), one company secretary, one registered office address and minimum RM1.00 of paid up shares capital.

Normally will take 2-3 working days. But also depends on the completion of documentation given by Client.

Yes. All the company must present a business address. You may leave it blank if you do not have at the time and please inform us ASAP when you have any update on the business address.

  • Appoint a company secretary
  • Open a current bank account
  • Confirm information of the Beneficial Ownership 
  • Appoint First Auditor within one (1) month of incorporation date
  • Apply business license/visa.
  • Anyone who fulfil the requirements below:-
  • At least 18 years old, 
  • Not a bankrupt, 
  • Not a convicted or imprisoned person for the past 5 years, 
  • Not blacklisted by SSM, 
  • Resided in Malaysia (if do not have, we can provide chargeable nominee director services).

Yes. As long as the purchaser is affordable to the purchase amount.


Common Seal is an official seal of the company. Normally seal on legal documents to make them valid. Under Companies Act 2016, Common Seal is not compulsory for Company.


Yes. There are no restrictions of foreign ownership when setting up your company.

24% for normal company. For SME (paid up less than RM2.5 million or annual sale less than RM50 mil), the first RM600k profit will be 17% and the balance is taxed at 24%.

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